Resume Upgrade:
Learn 4 of the Buzziest Workplace Skill Set

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Resume Upgrade:
Learn 4 of the Buzziest Workplace Skill Set

According to The Muse, some of the new skills that you’ll need to master to in the next few years are, “Cognitive Load Management,” “Computational Thinking,” “Sense-Making” and “Social Intelligence.” These skills will definitely up your game and your resume to get that job that you desire.

What the what?

The Institute for the Future analyzed developments in science and technology to predict how the landscape of work is going to change within the next five years. Medical advances are allowing people to live longer. “Smart Machines” are taking over tasks previously done by humans in fields, from teaching to combat fighting. Things we never imagined would be “programmable” suddenly are: tattooing, bartending, and even sleeping.

Like the silent-movie star that couldn’t make the jump to talkies, those who ignore technological advances do so at their own peril. So let’s decode some of this buzz-speak and examine what exactly they mean.

I’ll give you a hint– it’s all about data.

Here are four skills that you should be mastering right now if you still haven’t:

1. “Cognitive Load Management”


The information we generated in just two days is equivelant to the combined information that humans created between 4000 BC and 2003 AD. That’s 7 millennia of information in 48 hours. Whoa.

And that data is coming at you non-stop from your phone,computer and other smart devices in development. But here’s the thing: our mental performance takes a nose dive when the amount of information coming in exceeds our brain’s ability to process it. We overlook some details, take longer to digest others and often abandon the task altogether.

The workers that are best able to filter out the useless data and retain the bits relevant to the task at hand are the ones that will be the most valuable to a company.

How to get rock Cognitive Load Management: Check out Tim Kastelle’s “Five Forms of Filtering


2. “Computational Thinking”


Gone are the days where knowledge of “Microsoft Powerpoint” and “Outlook” were worthy of putting on the resume. Nowadays, that’s the equivalent of saying, “I know how to brush my teeth.” It’s a given that you’re able to use these programs.

Today, the skills that are most valued are tailored around statistical analysis and quantitative reasoning skills.

Social media analytics apps that folks should be familiar with are HootSuite, Salesforce  Marketing Cloud, and SproutSocial.

How to kill at Computational Thinking: Masive Open Online Course (MOOC) resource edX has archived MIT’s course “Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science.” Check it out here.


3. “Sense-Making”


DATA: More people on death row have eaten mashed potatoes before committing their crime than any other vegetable.

CONCLUSION: People who eat mashed potatoes will wind up on death row.

In other words, data is great, but it’s worthless without someone who can interpret what it really means. An algorithm doesn’t have the ability to create deeper meaning from statistics. It has no “real world experience” that a human does (eg, mashed potatoes are a very popular vegetable and the majority of people who eat them don’t go on to commit mass murder.)

And the ability to discern the real significance of all the data points is something we’re all going to have to master.


4. “Social Intelligence”


Another thing computers aren’t great at? Feelings.

Our world is shrinking. Entrepreneurs now interact with several foreign cultures, each with unique rules of etiquette and different social expectations.

Because we can’t memorize all the cultural nuances of every country in the world, we must rely on humans’ skill to read others’ reactions and adjust our manners accordingly.

How to become socially intelligent: Try your hand at this test developed by Harvard’s Intelligence Interactive Systems Group.

With the speed at which technology is changing the scope of human interaction (and human-machine interaction), businesspeople will have to consistently assess the skills they have, and determine if they need to be updated.


If you are ready for a new job check our Ms. Career Girl for tips on how to job plus checkout her Resume Optimization Tool

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