How Spectrum Resorts built awareness and drove local reservations.

About Spectrum Resorts

Spectrum Resorts, offers premium vacation experiences at two exquisite beachfront properties, The Beach Club Resort & Spa and Turquoise Place, located in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. Families can escape to these beautiful destinations and enjoy a worry-free vacation with all-inclusive amenities, activities, and accommodations provided by Spectrum Resorts.

At Turquoise Place, guests can indulge in a luxury lifestyle with oversized condos boasting upscale decor, quality furnishings, and top-of-the-line appliances. The condos also feature spacious balconies with private hot tubs and outdoor kitchens, offering stunning waterfront views. The resort provides a five-star experience with multiple pools, a lazy river, sauna and steam rooms, a poolside bar and grill, and various onsite activities.

Meanwhile, The Beach Club Resort & Spa offers peaceful seclusion and premium perks for an unforgettable family vacation. Guests can enjoy spacious vacation rentals, a signature spa, high-end amenities, and organized activities. Everything needed for a fantastic beachfront retreat, including shopping, dining, games, and beautiful beaches, can be found right on the resort.

With Spectrum Resorts handling all the details, families can relax and make the most of their vacation, becoming the heroes of their family’s getaway.

The Media Mix:

Brand vertical: Hospitality & Travel 
Objective: Increase Brand Awareness and Drive Sales
Target audience: Female & Male
Targeting used: Age (30-55), Females/ Males, Upper Income
Market: US & Regional
Flight length: 3 months
Format: Host-read embedded and programmatic ads

The Brief:

Spectrum Resorts sought to connect with podcast listeners looking for a coastal getaway– whether it’s with family or friends or a significant other, Spectrum Resorts caters to all while providing premium guest perks and an array of activities, amenities, and dining options. Because they’re located in Alabama, the majority of their guests are from the Southeast so they wanted the ads to be relevant to audiences.

The Solution:

Ossa found podcasters who were based in the Southeast US  and/or had saturated audiences there. Aside from host-read ads, we allocated a portion of the budget toward programmatic ads. Our in-house production team recorded ads that only reached listeners in the Southeast. Spectrum Resorts created a unique offer for podcast listeners of $200 off their stay at either Turquoise Place or The Beach Club, created unique URLs for podcast listeners that allowed them to sign up for a giveaway (a free stay at either location).  Spectrum Resorts even gave podcasters on this campaign a complimentary stay in their 3-bedroom suite for 3 nights and our podcasters were delighted!!

The Creators

The Impact:

Between the hosts sharing their experience and genuinely speaking to what Spectrum Resorts offers, their audiences were compelled to visit the unique URLs dedicated to them. Many booked stays and many more entered the giveaway.

Not only was Spectrum Resorts able to access shows that are not typically available on other platforms, but also succeeded in connecting with specific audiences that lived in areas that made it accessible to visit the Alabama coast. Through programmatic ads, Spectrum Resorts was able to share their messaging, offer a discount, and engage with audiences in their targeted geographical locations across many more shows.

Podcasters who visited the resort and took advantage of the complimentary stay even posted about it on their social media channels. Much like embedded ads, those posts will stay on their channels forever and provide continuous, long-term results for this campaign.

The results






Unique Listeners


ROI on initial Spend

The Take Away

The Spectrum Resorts campaign results prove that podcast advertising is a great avenue for travel and hospitality brands when executed properly by reaching the right audience.

When podcasters share their experience at a resort with their loyal listeners and promote it on their shows, they are listening to a trusted voice and will consider investing in that same or similar experience too. By targeting listeners who live driving distances from the resorts’ locations, they are more likely to book a room, knowing it’s a nearby getaway that doesn’t require booking a flight and possibly depending on multiple forms of transportation.

Podcast advertising is an effective and sincere way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to a website and measure conversion rates to identify what was successful in a campaign. Anecdotal content in an ad-read, especially when integrated into the conversation of an episode helps establish trust and build rapport.

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