Spiritual Laws of the Universe Support Trump…Wait, Hear Me Out

Spiritual Laws of the Universe Support Trump…Wait, Hear Me Out

By Dixie Laite, Dametown.com// I’ve read (and heard, if you count audiobooks, spiritual counselors, and friends who refer to women as sister goddesses) that spiritual laws rule the universe. You get what you give. You make money when you serve – when you give people something. If this is true, how does someone like Trump get money, get power…get elected?!

Donald Trump is a greedy, bigoted, narcissistic sociopath totally lacking empathy and intelligence. Herr Orange views the world as entirely transactional, which isn’t exactly the same karmic law, but he keeps repeating this pattern because it works for him. He’s a con man, and cons can’t work without suckers. Trump’s cons are effective because, like all cons, he offers people something for nothing. Cons can only work on the con-able, people whose greed or ignorance make them suckers.

Trump succeeds because he does serve people (some people). He serves up an unearned pride to his base. They can feel superior to others just for being born white, or male, or Christian, or straight, or having the privilege of possessing bigotry instead of real virtue. His sullied bullies buy into an ancient American fantasy where racism, homophobia, and disdain for differences still ruled the day. His base boasts of being Christian without actually doing Christ’s work – work like welcoming strangers, caring for others, “the least of these…” blah, blah, blah. You know, all that Jesus-y stuff they find less interesting than things Christ never talked about – like abortion, homosexuality, and white supremacy.

Trump only appears to gets something for nothing because he offers his base something for nothing. The GOP aim to get something for nothing, supporting their evil autocrat by not doing their jobs (serving their electorateand defending the Constitution). All these cons only succeed because there are enough suckers eager to overlook the obvious – facts, science, the real tenets of their religion – so they can feel good about themselves.

The problem with spiritual laws is that they are uniquely non-partisan. As long as people care more about feeling good than doing good, we’re screwed.

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