Sunday Night Blues Buster: Start With Prioritization

sunday night stress busting ritual

Sunday Night Blues Buster: Start With Prioritization

 Last weekend we took our first step toward banishing the Sunday Night Blues.

What’s that, you say? Well, ladies do you suffer from:

  • Chronic Pajama Wearing
  • Stress Headaches
  • Unexplained Frustrated Outbursts
  • Insomnia
  • Dreams of Missing Deadlines

BUT ONLY ON SUNDAY NIGHTS???  If so, you may be experiencing…

The Sunday Night Blues. Everyone’s Got ‘Em.

According to a recent HuffPost article, at least 78% of Americans suffer from Sunday Night Anxiety.

That’s bonkers!

I know that we can bust it if we work together, so I’ve put together this series to banish the Sunday Night Blues forever. Tune in every Sunday at 7pm EST over on our Facebook page to get your fix of our interactive live goal-setting webinar!

Tonight’s Takeaways:

  • Acknowledge Stress, Goal Set, Prioritize.  In that order.  Every Sunday night.
  • The “prioritization matrix” is your best friend.  Time-boxing tasks by responsibility is the most efficient way to achieve your goals.
  • Identify your archetype.  Not to put yourself in a box, but to figure out how to supplement what you’re not good at.  Are you a pie-in-the-sky creative?  Find a person or tool to hold you accountable to timelines.


Looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday night at 7pm EST! In the meantime, drop me a line with your #SundayNightStress to or tweet me @SamanthaNCitro.





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