“Today Was A Good Day” with Renee Cafaro

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“Today Was A Good Day” with Renee Cafaro

Renee is no Ice Cube, but she’s one cool chick. We all have our idea of what we consider a “good day.” For some, it’s checking off everything on their to-do list. For others, it’s purely survival and the opportunity to face the next day. No matter where you are in life, knowing what you considered a good day is important for your overall well-being and quality of life.

During her Mind of a Mentor episode, Renee gave us insight on what she considers a good day.

1. Doing One Thing That Makes Me Feel Accomplished

Sometimes working  day in and day out can make you feel somewhat unaccomplished. From the smaller picture it can appear that your wins are far and few between. That’s why celebrating the small V’s (victories) and making sure you do one thing that makes you feel accomplished is a great way to keep you on your “A” game. After all, one thing turns into two, which turns into ten.

2. Lots Of Laughing        

Laughing at things or just laughing at life in general gives us a much better quality of life. If there’s one thing about Renee is that behind her tough exterior is a joyful person looking to unleash her mighty wit upon the world. Life is tough, but not so tough when you remember to chuckle every now and then.

3. Personal Time And Time With Friends

Life is not all about your career and aspirations. Spending time by yourself is an important exercise that helps you recharge your battery. You can also recharge by spending time with those who make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, your loved ones. Any day can be a good day, whether it’s alone or with someone you care about. Trust us.  

4. Inspiring Others

Have you ever had a long talk with someone, gave them advice and YOU felt a million times better? Being a source of inspiration is a great way of turning a so-so day into a great one. There’s just something about the feeling of leaving your mark on a person’s life that can completely change your perspective. Renee believes our purpose is bigger than material gains and accomplishments. Spread a little inspiration and watch how it shifts your day.

5. It’s Just A Day

Sometimes you just have to be. Just be. Renee suffers from arthritis, which makes her day to day largely unpredictable. Some days are good. Other days can be filled with pain and discomfort. Because of this she has an appreciation for days that are the former. Any day where you are happy, healthy and alive is a good one. It’s important that we keep that very basic perspective in mind as we push forward in this journey called life.


For more on how Renee spends her days, both good and bad check our podcast, Mind of a Mentor.

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Dig Renee’s POV? So do we. That’s why she’s now a regular contributor for Like A Boss Girls.

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