True Leaf Market converts with niche podcasters across 2 campaigns.

About True Leaf Market

Founded in 1974 as Mountain Value Seed Company in Utah, True Leaf Market specializes in seed made for high altitudes. and short growing seasons.  Despite industry consolidation, True Leaf Market stands out as one of the few independently owned seed companies in the United States.

The Media Mix:

Brand vertical: Organic Horticulture
Objective: Brand Association and Drive Sales
Target audience: Male and Female gardening enthusiasts
Targeting used: Age 32+, M/W
Spring Flight length: 4 months

Fall Flight length: 4 months

Format: Embedded and Dynamic Ad Insertion

The Brief:

True Leaf Market is a organic gardening seed brand that offers seasonal products and this past spring, they were looking to reach and convert the gardening enthusiasts and drive traffic to their website. In addition to this,  True Leaf Market conducted two distinct campaigns with Ossa in 2023 with the aim of identifying the most effective shows. The intention was to then intensify efforts and focus on those specific shows for the second campaign.

The Solution:

True Leaf Market chose to build a campaign that worked with creators who fit a very particular niche in the sustainability and eco-friendly genre. These creators have a deep connection with their audiences, who trust the hosts in their opinions when it comes to gardening and nature. Through a collaboration with Ossa, True Leaf could effectively reach and engage with their target audience, leveraging an authentic voice and tone that aligns with their desired brand representation.

Campaign 1:

They began their first campaign with Ossa right as winter was wrapping up, so that their audience could stock up on seeds for the Spring season, and saw incredible results and conversions with podcast advertising. True Leaf decided to run a combination of embedded and dynamic advertising so that they could see lasting impressions throughout the summer months. They ran the ads across six shows over a four-month period to see which shows were a fit for the brand.


Campaign 2:

The second campaign was launched towards the end of the growing season, focusing specifically on cover crops. Given the success of the first campaign in the Spring, True Leaf was able to optimize the results in order to determine which shows would give them the best results when it came to audience conversions.

The Creators

On the Ledge
Gardenerd Tip of the Week
Plow and Hose
Sustainable Minimalists
Food Heals
Cause of Death: 100 Seconds to Midnight
Grounded in Maine

The Impact:

The authentic and heartfelt tone of the hosts, along with their genuine affection for the product, deeply connected with the target audience of the brand. Upon encountering the True Leaf Market advertisement, podcast listeners were inclined to link the brand and campaign message with the hosts’ overarching philosophies, leading to impressive conversion rates across several shows!

The results


Total Shows


Average Conversion Rate


Host read ads


Visitors to the website as a result

The Take Away

True Leaf Market’s campaign demonstrates that podcasting can be a valuable strategy for high-quality brands seeking to connect with intentional and like-minded audiences, provided the delivery is effective. Want to learn more about running a podcast ad campaign with Ossa? Please email us or schedule a time with our team to chat.

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