What Are The Types of Advertisements In The Podcast Industry?

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What Are The Types of Advertisements In The Podcast Industry?

Undoubtedly, podcasting provided a steady stream of new content. Instead of binge-watching The Office for the third time, we listened to podcasts during home exercises. Also, we learned how to bake bread and even discovered new podcasts. More and more people are discovering that podcasts can be a unique source of entertainment. The advent of podcast advertising has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for marketers. And, now they are looking for new ways of advertising. That’s why, for today, we are going to discuss different types of advertisements in the podcasting industry. 

Types of Advertisements In The Podcasting Industry

There are four different types of advertisements in the podcasting industry.

  • Announcer Read
  • Baked In
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Host Read


Announcer Read

This type of advertisement occurs when a podcaster inserts an already recorded audio commercial into their program. A third-party voice-over artist typically records this kind of advertisement, sometimes known as an “announcer”.

Likely, we all have seen this kind of marketing approach, particularly through the good old-fashioned radio broadcasting. Stitcher, Signal Hill, and Midroll Insights performed a study that found that announcer-read ads provide advertisers with a method to “scale a message” that first increases awareness and engagement. 

As a result, prospective customers in different domains of confluence may come into contact with the same message, which could deliver in various ways, including words, voice, tone, intonation, and music. That helps in the preservation of the integrity of the advertiser’s message and intended audience.


Unlike any other, Host-Read is a very effective method of podcast advertising. It gets into the relational capital that the presenter has built up with their listeners; in other words, it taps into the capacity of influencers to influence!

It’s one thing to get a glowing recommendation from an unknown party. But receiving that recommendation from a trusted friend surely has a different level of significance. Also, it could influence others. Many marketers have come to podcasting as it allows them to leverage their amazing bond with listeners.


Baked-in ads are often read live by the presenter or the host, capitalizing on the genuineness and personality of the host as they offer personal tales or anecdotes related to the product being promoted. Because the advertisements are seamlessly integrated into the audio content, they generate more drag and increase the likelihood of listeners returning. 

Despite this, seasonal campaigns may quickly become obsolete since the original advertisements continue to play. As a result, when new listeners hear these old ads, they will not earn any money. 

Dynamic Ad Insertion

The term “dynamic insertion” refers to advertisements delivered via an ad server and then placed into a podcast episode. It’s typically pre-recorded by either the host or by other people who contribute to the show. With these, advertising is added and changed on-demand, which means that old episodes may include new adverts — and that you can always keep your podcasts up to date with the most recent advertisements.

However, Dynamic Ad insertion is not as genuine as a baked-in type of advertisement. This is because they are often pre-recorded and could be dubbed over by people other than the host. 

How Do These Ads Are Placed In a Podcast?

Pre-roll ads are 15 to 30-second advertisements that could be either before or after the presenter announces the program. Mid-roll advertisements are 60 to 90-second advertisements inserted amid an episode. The presenter will stop the program, giving the impression of a commercial like they do on television. Furthermore, post-roll advertisements are 20 to 30-second advertisements that appear after a program.

What Are The Benefits of Podcast Advertising?

Podcast advertising allows you to reach a wider audience by putting your brand in front of an engaged and constantly increasing audience. Additionally, podcast advertisements are available to clients no matter where they are in the world. Even if they’re not in front of a screen or on the move, you can still send them messages.

Podcasters also bring a strong sense of loyalty to the table. Every day or week, they tune in to their favorite programs and spend hours listening to the hosts. Podcast advertising offers many advantages, and these are just a few of them.

Know Your Target Audience Before Running An Ad On Podcast

If you’re planning an ad on a podcast, search for those with a similar audience to yours. For example, the GirlBoss podcast, which talks about entrepreneurs and what success looks like for various individuals, also has a largely female audience, perfect for marketing goods or services targeted toward women. At the same time, it is unthinkable that a podcast like this would include an advertisement for men’s razors.

When you choose a podcast with a target audience that coincides with your business, you can be certain that your advertising will mix seamlessly into the podcast’s content, making it seem more organic and genuine.


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