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Wine Podcast Playlist | 4 Podcasts for Wine Enthusiasts

The world of wine can come off as sophisticated, complex, and maybe even a little bit intimidating. If you’ve been curious to learn more about wine but not sure where to start, wine podcasts offer a uniquely approachable entry point. Wine podcasts allow you to hear expert opinions and practices while learning about different varieties, pairings, and so much more.

Listen to these four women-hosted wine podcasts to brush up on your wine knowledge. Even the most avid wine connoisseur has something to learn from these ladies:


Host: Emma Sherr-Ziarko

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The Pairing podcast takes a cultural approach to wine. Instead of sharing tips on pairing wine with food, Emma shares different ways that listeners can pair wine with art, literature, music, movies, and more. This podcast showcases the ways in which wine can enhance and even create an entire experience beyond food and drink. 

Host, actor, Ossa podcaster, and sommelier in training Emma Sherr-Ziarko guides you through these rich cultural discussions to help you find your unique perfect wine pairing.

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swirl suite

The Swirl Suite

Hosts: Sarita, Tanisha, Glynis, Leslie

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Ossa podcast The Swirl Suite gives listeners an insider’s guide to the wine industry. Hosts Sarita, Tanisha, Glynis, and Leslie all have WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) certifications and individual businesses in the wine industry. They sit down for intimate discussions about their experience in the industry, and bring on expert guests for entertaining and informative conversations each month. 

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unreserved wine talk

Unreserved Wine Talk

Host: Natalie MacLean

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Looking for practical tips about wine? Unreserved Wine Talk can help – from choosing the best wine from a restaurant list to pairing with different types of food, this podcast is great for beginner.

Mixed in with these practical tips are engaging stories from award-winning journalist and host Natalie MacLean, covering everything from competing in the World’s Best Sommelier Competition to the underground world of wine forgery.

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wine for normal people

Wine For Normal People

Host: Elizabeth Schneider

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Wine For Normal People, as the name suggests, is also a perfect wine podcast for beginners. Its focus on translating complex wine terms into easily understandable lessons makes it a great starting point. With over 300 episodes and about 10 years of content (including with an informative book and online courses), Wine For Normal People has a comprehensive library of wine knowledge for you to explore.

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Check out each of the wine podcasts listed above while sipping on your next glass. Cheers!

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