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Women’s History Month Podcast Playlist

Happy Women’s History Month! Celebrate by checking out these women’s history podcasts in the Ossa podcast network. Find everything from fun takes on traditional history lessons to niche recent history trends and even ancient folklore. There’s always something to learn when exploring #herstory:



Hosts: Katy & Nathan

Listen: Anchor | Spotify

From the hosts: Tune in to hear Katy and Nathan pair cocktails with amazing women of history. Queens discusses female rulers throughout history who handled their business and slayed. 

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sistory untold

Sistory Untold

Host: Marva & Sabrina

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

From the hosts: History often tells us that behind every great man is a strong woman. We see things a little differently. We think beside every strong woman is another strong woman. We look into all of the rivalries, collaborations, frenemies, and friendships that make up sisterhood throughout history.

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Host: Rachael and Mindy

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

From the hosts: Folklore has been used for generations to share stories across cultures. Each week this season Rachael and Mindy ask how the stories we tell influence today’s culture and how we view women. From murder ballads to fairytales, we discuss the power these stories have over us all.

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advanced tv herstoryAdvanced TV Herstory

Hosts: Cynthia Abrams

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

From the hosts: Love TV? TV women have brought us great lessons in leadership, achievement and diligence. It’s time their stories are told and in many cases, placed in the proper context of the women’s movement, social change and political trends.

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