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Welcome To Ossa

Ossa is a podcast network on a mission to increase the visibility, influence and earning power of a diverse group of women in the podcast industry.

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Podcasts On Ossa

Ossa represents a diverse network of women in podcasting with over 800 shows across every category & niche.

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Over 150 awesome brands book podcast advertising on Ossa, including:

Listen To Our In-House Podcasts

Ossa Lounge is a weekly Ossa original podcast cohosted by Ossa’s CEO & Founder Marla Isackson, Editor-In-Chief Meredith Reed & Partnership Director Lori Lefcourt.

On every episode, we do a deep dive into the top podcast news stories of the week & investigate the latest industry trends.

Podcast industry influencers join our roundtable each week to weigh in on the latest headlines in the world of podcasting.

Mind Of A Mentor is a weekly Ossa original podcast hosted by Ossa’s CEO & Founder Marla Isackson.

Each episode features an in-depth, candid conversation with an inspirational figure.

By challenging guests to connect the dots of their “hero’s journey”, Mind of a Mentor reveals the shared human experience behind every individual road to success.

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