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Sizes Trust Ossa

Collaborate with podcast creators and community builders of all sizes who share your voice and audience.

“The marketplace taps into the medium’s ability to elevate underrepresented groups.”

“How Marla Isackson Is Using Podcasts to Amplify the Next Generation of Female Voices.”

“Podcast Guesting Can Have A Huge ROI. Here’s How To Land That Coveted Spot.”

“Brands looking to break into podcast advertising don’t necessarily have to shell out $1 million for an ad read from Joe Rogan.”

Reach Female Audiences in the Right Moment

We help brands connect with the most powerful household purchasers through podcast advertising – no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Collaborate with Podcast Creators Who Share Your Voice

Our creators are community builders first. Leverage their voice to reach consumers and your target audience.

Authentic &
Brand Safe

We verify every creator on Ossa. You will only work with curated creators who love your brand or product. We track and verify every impression that is served.

Measure Your Success

We offer our advertisers and brand partners real-time access to their campaign. Gain insight and better understand your campaign attribution, watch your marketing goals come to life. 

Optimize Your Campaign

Learn what works, what drives website visits, who’s converting, how to increase your ROI, etc. Build your long term “pod” of creators who work best for you!


How did Murad increase brand awareness?

They leveraged our creators authentic voice share and social media channels to help tell their story and make an impression.


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