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Amplify your brand message with podcast advertising on your own terms. We connect you with women hosted podcasts that speak directly to your ideal customer.

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of podcast listeners have bought a product​ they heard advertised on a podcast.
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3 in 5 female podcast listeners prefer host-voiced ads, +22% greater than men

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on podcasts?

Connect with audiences that resonate with you.

Easily search for women hosted podcasts that fit your audience and budget. Our podcasters are powerful micro influencers with highly engaged audiences.

Brand Safety

We verify our podcasters' download numbers and episode engagement so you never have to worry about your advertising dollar being misspent. A 2020 study covering more than 530 efforts from over 230 brands found that podcast campaigns deliver an average of $2.42 for every dollar spent.

Why Us?

The most powerful buying audience.

The hundreds of shows on our network are created by women. Our podcasters speak directly to 85% of household buying power in the U.S. (women).

More authentic and effective advertising choices.

From organic, host-read integrations and interview segments to topical discussions and product reviews, you have options that resonate with listeners.

CASE STUDY: CPG Plant-Based Coffee Creamer

Target: Millennial podcast listeners

Goals: A/B Testing & Brand Awareness

Results: Podcast ad tests outperformed radio ads (based on listeners & impressions)

Podcast ad test outperformed Facebook ad test over a 9-month period

Significant initial and ongoing sales activity over a 9-moth tracking period.

CASE STUDY: Natural Wellness Company

Target: Mothers, Millennials, and Gen Z

Goals: Brand Awareness & Customer Acquisition

Results: 210% ROI for mothers

150% ROI for Millennial/Gen Z 

Podcast advertising with value-based podcasters was highly effective for increasing awareness while acquiring new customers.

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