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Simply download the Ossa app and claim your podcast to start interacting with advertisers.

Access to Advertising Deals.

Ossa offers podcast creators the opportunity to access advertising deals and manage their advertising business. We are non-exclusive, host-agnostic, free to join, and require no minimum downloads, enabling you to choose the brands you want to work with. We provide the platform, but your success depends on your effort and commitment.

“The marketplace taps into the medium’s ability to elevate underrepresented groups.”

“How Marla Isackson Is Using Podcasts to Amplify the Next Generation of Female Voices.”

“Ossa provides podcasters with tools and resources to maximize the use of their content.”

“How one podcast marketplace is connecting women and non-binary hosts with sponsors”

Offers and Bookings

Brands use Ossa to connect with podcast creators whose listeners match their target audience. Using our app is simple: once you’ve set up your account, just apply to or reject offers from brands interested in collaborating with you.

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Get started .
Download our app.

Once you download our app, simply create an account and claim your podcast. We do not require a minimum amount of downloads per epsiode. 

You do not need to be with a specific host provider, we are non-exclusive and it’s free to join.

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Once you’re

You set up your Stripe account and add your prefix to start applying to offers. 

We require all podcast creators to add their Podsights prefix to their RSS feed to participate in campaigns. Read more here.

Connect and collaborate with other podcast creators just like you.

Our podcast creators come from all walks of life. Spread across 11 different countries, Ossa bridges the gap between podcast creators around the globe. Our community space is open to every podcaster who would like to join.

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